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for the foreseeable future.

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Akashic Life Coaching:

Life coaching sessions with your Akashic Beings of Light and myself - certified Life Coach, and Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist, energy therapist and Master Healer as your healing team! The Masters give you all the information you need to access your soul's purpose and I can help you facilitate the the information and give you practical wisdom, healing, tools and skills to guide you and help you stand in your power! 


Akashic Records Readings:

The Akashic Records are a compilation of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent that have ever occurred and are encoded in a non-physical plane of existance known as the Etheric Plane. The Hall or Library called the Akashic Records is where all information is stored energetically. These records are kept by the Masters, Lords, or Teachers and we call them The Beings of Light. In a reading we ask the Beings of Light the questions you choose in order to move forward on your soul path.

$55/60 minutes


Hypnosis is a very deep state of relaxation and a heightened state of awareness where your mind is focused and the connections between your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors become clear. this hypnotic state allows you to be more open to discussions and hypnotic suggestions to allow healing and make positive changes in your life.


(3 package pricing available)

Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki is a simple and safe form of energy healing that has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and works in conjunction with all other medical and therapeutic techniques.

$40/30 min   $65/60 min

Sound Healings

Sound Healing uses vibrations from instruments like crystal bowls and tuning forks to relax and move through the blockages in your Mind, Body and Spirit, the process is as soothing as it is healing, and a client favorite.

$40/30 min     $65/60 min

Space Clearing

Highly trained in indigenous clearing practices, I clear your space - your home or business - using a variety of tools to release stagnant energies and unwanted Spirit attachments, leaving your space refreshed and cleared.



1:1 Teaching

Magickal information to support your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Learn to understand your Energy Body, Metaphysics, and how important it is to keep your energy vibrationally balanced and in peak performance.



Ask about my training for Usui Reiki and Violet Flame Reiki

About me:

I am an experienced Akashic Records Reader, Energy Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist with over a decade of experience healing the Mind, Body and Spirit.

I am a life-long student of Ancient Healing Techniques and enjoy teaching as well. I am the Director at Mystic Portals Academy which can be found on

can be found on Meet Up and Facebook.

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What folks are saying:

Thank you Marion, for the hypnosis sessions and Reiki sessions.  have learned so much about myself, the way my mind works, and how I can heal myself and become my own best friend. You opened my eyes to all things good!   P.W.

Quite simply, this healing changed and saved my life. Thank you does not seem to be enough, I am forever grateful.   S. K.

Thank you for Space Clearing my home. The energy that was bothering us was just gone, like magic and we were able to sell our home for much more than our asking price! I'm extremely grateful!    R. D,