Pricing and packages:

Akashic Records Readings: $45/30 minutes; $75/60 minutes

Hypnosis $125/session (approx 120 minutes)

Coaching/Mentoring/Education $50.00/hour

Shamanic Reiki (in person or distance) $75.00/60 minutes; $40.00/30 minutes

Access Bars /Access Consciousness: $75.00/60 minutes (in person only)

Shamanic Psychopomp (please call for details and pricing)

Sound Healing $60/60 minutes 

Space clearing (home or office) $60.00/hour

Package Pricing for 3 or more sessions is available if we decide that you need more than one session.

Marion is amazing! I HIGHLY recommend her and her services, which are VAST--she is well-trained and so skilled in so many healing modalities, a true gift to meet someone like her. ~  The minute I walked in the door of her office I felt great, the ambiance is perfect, and once we began talking I felt even more confident in her and our working together. I knew she was someone easy to talk to, with a keen sense of boundaries, of respect for the other, and she has a great personality to boot!  I knew it was going to be a great experience. She used her Reiki and shamanic skills to help me with some decision-making I'm doing at this time in my life, helping me resolve the inner conflict.  It was amazing. I felt incredible after our session. Great insights followed in the days afterward.~She combines great listening skills, experience, intuition and true support of an individuals innate knowing. Her intentions are true, and she is focused on you and your session. I will DEFINITELY see Marion again.   --Kristin O.

I've had Marion work with me twice. The first time was a hypnotherapy session to help me tackle a long standing issue. She was very tuned in to my emotions and created a safe space to gently guide me through my session. She provided clear direction to me that was centered from a respectful,  spirit-based place. She was very sensitive to what I needed, my energy, and where I needed to go. 

Then just this past March I had her work with me to clear my home space. Her preparation on what we both needed to do prior to the work was clear and she explained the process to me thoroughly and framed it in a way I could take it in. The actual clearing was a wonderful, freeing process and I could FEEL my home return to a healthy state.

I recommend Marion without hesitation. She gets what a client needs and is very sensitive and tuned in to one's energy and spirit. She will help a person get the work done to restore balance in their life.  -- Annie N.

I procured Marion's services to clear my house of a bothersome spirit. I had never gone through this process before and Marion was able to give me step by step instructions on what I could do to set my intentions and put up protections around my house. Marion was extremely comforting and kept me up to date on her actions taken to help rid my house of this spirit. She was thorough and followed up with me after she completed her process and over the course of the following week. Overall, I felt that the spirit had been expelled from my home (THANK YOU!) and extremely satisfied with Marion's ability to educate me through this process. I feel empowered to better protect my home moving forward from unwanted spirits! I have used Marion's Hypnotherapy services in the past with great results as well - I will definitely request her services again in the future!  --Ashley R.

I just recently started working with Marion as my hypnotherapist. I worked with a lot of other practitioners and I thought it would take a lot of time money and patience from my part to understand the root of my challenges. With just one session with Marion I was able to go so deep and find the answers to very important questions I am trying to understand which are so crucial in life right now. Not only Marion is an amazing spiritual practitioner she is also a very caring and intuitive person you will enjoy coming to! Can't recommend Marion enough :) Scheduled another session with her and can't wait for it:)    --Kathryn