Harness the Magic of 5’s

2021 is a 5-universal year in numerology. The number 5 in numerology relates to curiosity, change, transition, volatility, movement, exploration, freedom, experience and daring adventure! This is the time to let go of all things holding you back in previous years and move into your divine purpose. The number 5 is the midpoint between 1-9, and as such gives us the advantage of looking behind us - where we have come from, and then in front of us, to where we are headed. It allows us to switch our perspective, as see past mistakes as an opportunity to grow, no longer tied to the past or our fear of recreating past mistakes. It enables expansion - the capacity to live outside the box - and to push boundaries, so we become our own alchemists of transformational change.

Angel number 5 brings the message that important positive and significant life changes are upon you and this is your opportunity to have faith and embrace them. All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them! It also represents our ability to free ourselves from the past in order to grow and adapt physically, mentally, and spiritually. Any time you see the sequence of the number 5 - 55, 555, 5:55, it means the messages you are receiving are intensified! The number 5 reminds us that abundance is a state of mind, when you 'feel' rich spiritually, your physical life will reflect it.

Angel number 55 doubles the vibrational essence of the number 5 - 55 is a master number signifying independence, freedom and self determination, and significant growth. Keep looking forward and focus your mind on learning new things. The number 55 represents success, progress, fortune, and luck.

Angel number 5:55 gives us the message that all our efforts are now paying off, the Universe and your angels are supporting you. Abundance is yours to have, live, and experience. Open your heart, your arms, and your mind to receive these blessings!

So, you see, 5/5 at 5:55 is a powerful time to tune into the power and magic of manifesting. The art of manifestation is bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief, and letting go of all sticky resistance and can keep you locked into your old patterns. Your thoughts do create your reality, so believing is the key!

It matters less how you choose to harness this vibrational energy and more that you tune in and trust the process. There is no magical formula to use, the trick is to be super clear about what you want to manifest in your life, believe it's yours, tune 'into' the feeling of having received it, and then settle into a deep state of gratitude.

Set your intention and then Ask - Believe - and Receive!

Ready? Set? Go.........

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