Higher Heart Healing Membership

For a limited time:

Founding Member Price

1st month = $1


$22 monthly afterwards for for the life of your membership!

Receiving consistent healing and high-vibrational spiritual support

and guidance can and WILL transform your life!

The key to vitality is keeping your energy body in a high vibrational state, and that takes maintenance. There are many ways to balance and raise your vibrational energy, and my two favorites are Sound Healings and Fire Ceremonies. 

Candy Cotton

What's Included in This Monthly Membership:

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Monthly Fire Ceremony and Guided Healing Meditation

Connecting to the fire in a community group, a sacred circle, greatly expands the power of our intentions as we connect to the energy of the circle and use that connection to boost our prayers and intentions and hold sacred space for each other, we gather to heal!

The circle is powerful indeed!

Crystal singing bowls. Meditation and Bu

Reiki Sound Bath Healings

Both Reiki and Sound Healing are vibrational in nature, making them an extremely dynamic and powerful duo!


Clear and balance my chakras and energy body

Have more joy in my life!

Relieve any spiritual blocks I might have

Clear any energetic blockages

Restore vital life-force energy 

Reduce my stress and anxiety

Relieve my pain

Stop feeling depressed

Increase my blood circulation

Lower my blood pressure

Synchronize my brain waves

Sleep better

Relieve any PTSD symptoms I might have

Break up and heal any dis-ease in my body

Re-harmonizes my molecular structure & DNA

Strengthens my mind for more clarity

Stimulate my immune system

AND __________ (insert wish here)




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You get your first month for the

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But you need to sign up now, this current offer expires at midnight on July 15, 2020!

$22 per month afterwards for the

life of your membership!

Full Moon Ceremonies are typically offered on a sliding scale of up to $125 per ceremony

Reiki sessions are valued at $60 - $125 or more depending on the facilitator

Sound Healings can cost anywhere from $50 - $300

So, why would I make this incredible offer?

Because I'm moving my brick-and-mortar business on-line!

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These healing are Divinely guided by my Helping Spirits, therefore, each ceremony is unique.

You will receive various forms of healing energy and light code transmissions from my personal

Celestial Healing Team and my Shamanic Guides

I WELCOME you!!!