DISPELLING MYTHS:  Can I "get in your mind" and control you? Make you do silly things like quack like a duck or fall asleep and not wake up? Absolutely not! Those behaviors are stage gimmicks and NOT real! Although you will be deeply relaxed in hypnosis, you are consciously aware of every step of the process.


Hypnosis is a very deep state of relaxation and a heightened state of awareness where your mind is focused and the connections between your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are clear. This hypnotic state allows you to be more open to discussions and suggestions allowing you to focus on certain aspects of your life with clarity to allow healing and make positive changes in your life.


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You hold all the answers already in your subconscious mind. The trick is to relax enough so that you become aware of any energy blocks or negative behavior conditioning and/or habits that are keeping you from living your life in a healthy manner. I walk the path with you and mentor you along the way, but all healing is self-healing. That's why it works! 


Discover your own strength and internal wisdom!

Hypnotherapy is effective for:  Phobias, Fears, Inner Child Work, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Chronic Pain, Stress Management, Anger Management, Past Lives, Spirit Releasement, Soul Retrievals, Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation, PTSD, Sleep Disorders, Grief and Loss, Self-Confidence, Motivation, Self-Esteem, Skill Enhancement (Sports, Work Performance, Etc.) and much more ......