Learn to See Your Sensitivities as a Superpower, Not a Curse

Free Webinar on May 29 or May 30

"I'm tired of this emotional rollercoaster!"

In this free webinar you will discover:
* Why you feel and do what you do
* The science behind your feelings
* How you can tell if what you are feeling is your or someone else's
* Proven tips and tricks to help you manage your emotions
* And you will learn why I love being and Empath and why I call it my SUPERPOWER

What People Say

I can't say enough about Marion's class. I thought I knew all about it, but there is much more to consider than I ever imagined. Marion is thorough and clear, she has a wonderful teaching style. It's obvious that she is a life-long learner herself and brings wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend her class.


I have always been a sensitive person, and have struggled with that sensitivity most of my life. People have always talked down to me and said I was being too sensitive and I should just stop. I have never known how to do that.

I always felt different, like I didn't fit in. Things in life would happen and I would be a crying anxious mess and nothing seemed to help. I have been treated for anxiety and depression, but the meds they gave me just dulled my senses so I wasn't feeling at all. I found myself not being present for my husband and family and at some point I thought I must be crazy.

I really didn't understand that there is such a think as an 'Empath,' but when I heard Marion speak about it, I decided to take her class, and all I can say is WOW! I had no idea, my sensitivity has a name and it's empathy.

Marion is a great teacher, she is thorough and speaks in a way that I can understand. She is sensitive and cares about my success. My life has totally changed since I took her class. Thank you Marion! When is your next class?


A friend told me about Marion and her class on Empathy. I decided to take the class, and I am so happy I did. Everything just fell in place for me. I have been practicing her tips and find them to be very helpful.


I am a highly sensitive individual, I don't just listen to your words
I listen to your use of words, your tone, your eyes, your subtle facial expressions
I can interpret your silence
I can hear everything you don't say in words.
    - Simple Reminders

YES! I'm ready to take action and

live my joyful life!

Marion Oldenhage

Castro Valley, CA

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