Do you catch yourself


you're too sensitive and

wish you could just turn your feeling off?

Learn to embrace your feelings and be at peace with who you are!

Free for a limited time!

May 29 or May 30

Hi, I'm Marion

The Mystic Crone

Druid Shaman and Energy Therapist


Are you a feeler? Do you find yourself sometimes drowning in feelings so much so that you are often lost? Are you feeling helpless because you are being controlled by those feelings? Have you been searching for a way to just shut them off? Are you experiencing difficulties with your relationships because others don't understand what it's like to be so sensitive?


I totally get it! I felt that same way for may years, you see, I am an Empath. I have spent over a decade learning to live in peace and grace with my feelings and emotions, and I can finally say that Empathy IS my Superpower.


I did the research, so you don't have to! I have distilled the information and compiled a variety of natural life-style tools that help me and can help you enjoy a life of balance and ease! And guess what's even better? It's free for a limited time!



Understand Why You Feel What You Feel and Do What You Do


Proven Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Emotions


Why I Love Being a Sensitive or Empath and Why I Call It My Superpower

What People Say

I have always been a sensitive person, and have struggled with that sensitivity most  of my life. People have always talked down to me and said I was being too sensitive and I should just stop. I have never known how to do that.


I always felt different, like I didn't fit in. Things in life would happen, I would be an anxious, crying mess and nothing seemed to help. I have been treated for anxiety and depression, but the meds they gave me just dulled my senses so I wasn't feeling at all. I found myself not being present for my husband and family and at some point thought I must be crazy.


I really didn't understand that there was such a thing as an 'Empath,' but when I heard Marion speak about it, I decided to take her class, and all I can say is WOW! I had no idea, my sensitivity has a name and it's empathy.

Marion is a great teacher, she is thorough and speaks in a way that I can understand. She is sensitive and cares about my success. My life has totally changed since I took her class. Thank you Marion!  When is your next class?

Gina P,  CA

I don't just listen to your words,

I listen to your use of words,

your tone, your body

movements, your eyes, and

your subtle facial expressions

I feel your silences and

I can hear every word you don't say



I can imagine my joyful life and I want to take action NOW!

Marion Oldenhage

Castro Valley, CA

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