Akashic Records
What are the Akashic Records and how can accessing them help me?
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QUITE SIMPLY, the Akashic Records are an enormous energetic library containing the vibrational details of each individuals soul and its journey, spanning through all past lives, present life, and future possibilities. A storehouse of all your thoughts, words, actions, intentions, vibrations and experiences. The records are kept by Record Keepers, the Beings of Light. I channel your personal Beings of Light in order to answer your questions, tune into the wisdom of your soul, explore your souls purpose, get extensive information about who you are and why you do what you do from a spiritual perspective - and much more! Both favorable and difficult patterns can be identified and the corrective measures required to establish harmony can be seen and discussed. These readings are more like a fireside chat than a psychic reading, in that the more you participate by asking questions and commenting on the information shared, the more you open up the communication channels, the more depth there is to the information you receive. Your Beings of Light are here for you and sharing this wisdom, helping you move forward through life in balance and joy, is one of their primary tasks.
Readings: I offer both 30 minute and 60 minute readings where you can ask your personal Beings of Light questions about your souls purpose, path, joys and struggles. The readings are less prophetic than a psychic reading because  the Beings of Light are here to support you with your own free will and making your own choices in life, not to choose for you, and they will give you all the information you need to move forward, understand long held patterns, to heal and thrive!
30 mins = $45; 60 mins = $75
Akashic Transformational Coaching is all about the 'what's next' - the Beings of Light have said that my true purpose is ***, now what do I do and how do I move forward? During these coaching sessions, I channel the wisdom from your personal Beings of Light and then dip into my many years of experience coaching, healing, and teaching to help you devise action steps that will move you forward into your highest potential and the joy that comes with being aligned and in balance and harmony in this world!  90 mins = $97
Akashic Hypnotherapy:  Hypnosis is a very deep state of relaxation and a heightened state of awareness where your mind is focused and the connections between your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are clear. In this hypnotic state, you move past anxiety and trauma cords so you are more open to discussions and hypnotic suggestions allowing you to focus on certain aspects of your life with clarity so you can heal and make positive changes. Inviting your personal Beings of Light into these sessions adds an extra layer of support and elemental wisdom to help facilitate deeper levels of cognitive awareness and an added level of spiritual guidance.  90 mins = $125
Akashic Guided Meditations are available. We schedule a 20 minute session in order to discuss what's going on with you right now, what's working and what's no; what your goals and expectations are and then I take that information and design and record your own personal 30 minute (approx) guided meditation which will be emailed to you in mp3 format within 48 hours.  $45
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About Me:

I am a student of ancient healing therapies, tools and techniques.

I specialize in helping you understand and heal trauma from this life and past lives. I am passionately dedicated to educating and empowering my clients so they are not dependent on me, the therapist, to thrive, but rather learn the skills they need in order to live a vibrant, joyous, balanced and healthy life!

Reviews/What folks are saying:
I just wanted to say thank you! I felt so good about myself and my future life in general after my reading!  Ida C.
I want to thank you for a great session yesterday, it helped me so much. I have much more clarity moving forward with myself. I was given very valuable information that I can appreciate and utilize in my life. I appreciate your kindness and patience and your ability to help me understand the messages as English is not my first language. I AM your biggest fan now and I will recommend you to my family and friends. Thank you so much!  Susie L.
Let me start off by saying that I am open to the idea of psychic modalities and have always been interested in them, however this is the first psychic/Akashic Records reading I have received. I found it very helpful and insightful and extremely validating as I make my way through current struggles. Marion has the gift of connecting to the sacred library of information, and beyond that, she has a special way of carefully listening to the voices of ancient wisdom in these libraries, and conveying the information she is receiving in a way that is understandable and relatable. She spoke clearly of things that made sense specifically to me, things that I needed direction and validation for, in my life right now. with ease, she is very clear about the process upfront and once I allowed myself to open up to the intimate questions I had, Marion was able to clearly listen and convey key findings - almost like missing pieces of information that made SO much sense to me! And once I allowed myself to open up and hear all of it, I got this feeling in the middle of my chest, this feeling that I knew what was being told to me all along. So many things she said were not only what I knew deep don inside, but also what I needed to hear out loud, spoken by another person... to help me on my soul healing and karmic evolution. I can say I found and took away a feeling of peace and a renewed feeling of hope!  Megan V.
Akashic Coaching/Hypnotherapy:
I am so extremely grateful! You helped me stop a 40 year addiction - you're awesome and I can't say that enough! I made changes in my life that I never though were possible, and you showed me the way. It took some time to work through my behaviors and triggers, but I learned so much from you and you were patient, wise and so very kind! Not only did I stop that nasty habit, but I'm learning to love myself and have a better understanding of what makes me tick and how I can support myself. I have started to care for myself overall more than I ever have. These session saved my life - and changed my life in so many ways - just saying thank you isn't enough - I am forever grateful!  Sam E.
Thank you Marion, I am enjoying and getting so much out of these Akashic Coaching sessions. I have learned so much about myself and the universe in general. I love that you know so much about energy and can help me understand how to live my life in a higher vibrational state - which feels so good! My Beings of Light have helped my understand my souls purpose and are patiently guiding me towards healing, strength, and overall goodness! I have learned so much about my personal beliefs and 'perspectives' and I understand now how the power of shifting those perspectives can shift my reality. Each session lifts me higher and higher and I am realizing huge shifts in my life - balancing my priorities and reaching my goals AND feeling empowered, healthier, and more joyful! Who could ask for more? Thank you so much!  Renee V.
Meditative Journeys:
Oh my goodness! What an extraordinary creation! Your Lost Land of Lemuria meditation is so beautifully written, and your meditation simply put, is magickal! As the listener, it feels like I'm being transported into another dimension and I am sharing the experience with you, the narrator! It feels like the journey is unfolding from your heart, your scenic descriptions are so beautiful, I can see everything so clearly, thank you!  Earline P.
For those of you that need to hear this:
Are you constantly struggling with the idea of prioritizing the time, money and/or energy to truly love and support yourself? To give yourself the attention, compassion, and healing that you deserve? Always going, going, going and doing, doing doing for others until YOU are totally depleted?

Not caring for yourself is a choice.
If you are no longer attuned to who YOU are and what YOU want and need, then you find yourself making sacrifices that don't just hurt and limit you, but can negatively impact those you care for.
Now's the time to recognize that self-care is critical to maintaining your resilience, vibrant energy, and your ideal state of being. Self care and self-compassion are fundamental to creating a good life for yourself and those that matter most to you!
When you take the time to ensure that your balance your mind, body, and spirit are balanced, you attract a happily-ever-after joyful and purposeful life!
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The Beings of Light and I wish you peace, love, and happiness always!