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"I have been working with Marion for awhile now and have learned so much about balancing my emotions. Don't get me wrong, as an Empath I still have some bad days, but I don't feel as awful as I did before I learned to use energy techniques, and I find I bounce back quicker than I imagined I could. I highly recommend all her classes, she is wise, skilled and patient. thank you Marion!"

                                                                                   - - Beth R.

You are going to LOVE these classes!

All classes will be recorded, so if you miss the session you can follow along when it's convenient.

I will be available to answer your questions throughout the month.



June 6

10:30 AM PST

Vibrational Energy
(Foundational Class, understanding your
energy body)



June 13

10:30 AM PST

Cord Cutting



June 20

10:30 AM PST

Your Energy Body



June 27

10:30 AM PST

Space Clearing
Beyond Sage

Educating yourself and building awareness of how your energy body works and what it responds to is the first step on this journey to love your sensitive self.


Next, it's time to learn the 'how.' These courses are packed with metaphysical tips and tricks you can implement right away to keep your vibrational energy high and your body in perfect balance. I offer a wide-range of modalities, so you can choose what fits your personal lifestyle and goals.


Last, we put this wisdom into practice with Class #4 where we learn to clear any an all unwanted energy from your personal space, home, office, etc.

When you start implementing this wisdom into your life, you will feel the difference immediately! I know because it happened to me and it has happened consistently for my students.


I used to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Powerless against the heartache and anxiety! When I finally hit rock bottom and started experiencing dis-ease in my body, I knew I had to do something. Sound familiar? The journey started with a single step - the impact of these changes was so dramatic that I could not ignore I was on the right track. Each 'win' empowered me to learn more, do more, and eventually 'be' more as I started healing and teaching.


These classes, this journey I invite you to take with me WILL change your life, I promise!

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About me:  I started this journey to healing many years ago by breaking out of Corporate America to become a Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist. The institute I choose for training also focused on metaphysics and psycho-spiritual belief systems. This experience opened me up to the world of metaphysics, and I will be forever grateful! I was (and am) HOOKED on the power of the mind, the power of the spoken word and the world of Energy Medicine.
In addition to being a Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist, I am also a Druid Shaman and Energy Therapist, End-of-Life Soul Guide, Professional Space Cleansing/Sweeper, and Psychic Intuitive.
As a healer, I offer Sound Healings, Energy Healings, Shamanic Reiki Healings, Access Bars Sessions, and Akashic Records work.
Marion Oldenhage
The Mystic Crone
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