When starting my healing career, I chose nationally recognized HCH Institute in Lafayette, California for a comprehensive training as a Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist. I went on to advanced training to qualify for my clinical certification, and those training were: Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Spirit Releasement, Past Life Therapy, Remote Viewing and Soul Retrival. After graduation, I continued with advanced trainings in EFT, TAT and Timeline Therapies.


At HCH, I also became a Minister in the Universal Life Church and perform marriage ceremonies.

I was then certified as a Blissborn Birth Hypnosis Educator.

​I became the owner and Director of Mystic Portals Academy, a Meet-Up and On-line school for all things magickal and metaphysical including psychic studies.

I went on to study Elemental Space Clearing with world-renowned Denise Linn. In 2019, I returned to study with Denise Linn and her Red Lotus Mystery School. becoming a Chalice Carrier from Ancient Greece.

I was honored to study with Sunny Dawn Johnston, Psychic and Mentor and finished my Mind, Body, and Spirit Intuitive Studies Certification.

I went on to study Assertiveness Coaching and Life Coaching and received certification in both.

I returned to HCH to take their 16 month course on Shamanic Healing which allows me to delve deeper into the energies of our inner and out worlds which provides me and my patients with a broader access to their memories of trauma and bringing Incan/Peruvian Shamanism and its practices to Mystic Portals.

I am also certified as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Violet Flame Reiki Master Teacher, an Access Bars/Access Consciousness practitioner and an Akashic Records Master.

I studied the effects of sound healings and am honored to offer 1:1 sound healings and local group sound healings in person in Castro Valley, CA.

I continue to study ancient healing methods and am honored to to be able to share the valuable information

I learned with my students either in 1:1 classes or through Mystic Portals Academy found on Facebook and Meet Up.