Welcome! I am a student of ancient healing therapies, tools and techniques.

I specialize in helping you understand and heal trauma

from this life and past lives.

I am passionately dedicated to educating and empowering my clients so they are not dependent on a therapist for every-day needs, but rather learn the skills they need in order to live a vibrant , joyous, balanced and healthy life!

Through years of supporting people on their healing journeys, I have found that there are two main reasons why people don't heal:
1) So many people are looking for the easy way out - the magic potion and the magic wand that will release them from their pain without having to do the hard work themselves. Tired and exhausted from dealing with their anxiety, anger, etc., they search and search for THE person, and THE healing modality that will magically remove the trauma from their energy bodies - without having to dig deep and do the interpersonal work themselves. They find the search for that perfect healer exhausting and although they may experience some relief through alternative therapies, the pain always manages to come back.
2) So many people have learned to identify with their pain or disease for so long and so deeply that without that limiting belief in place, they really and truly have no idea WHO they would be if and when it's released.
Any way you look at it, this is exhausting for everyone AND it can be extremely time consuming and expensive. without much forward movement, 6 in 10 people will just give up!
Don't give in or give up, I am standing by ready to help you facilitate true and lasting healing and growth in the kindest, most gentle and effective way(s) using a wide-variety of metaphysical skills and tools.
Together we decide on a healing plan that fits your beliefs, lifestyle and budget, so don't wait, contact me today!
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